Phantom of the Opera 2011

Images taken during final dress rehearsals of Phantom of the Opera at Artscape Opera House, Cape Town.

Red Death


About Pat Bromilow-Downing

Semi retired freelance photographer specializing theatre photography. Trained as a news photographer, Cape Times and Cape Argus, and now have over 40 years experience and able to handle all types of photography.

6 Responses to Phantom of the Opera 2011

  1. Well this just proves that you are simply the BEST!!!!!! Congratulations on a STUNNING group of shots, perfect compositions and moments captured and so SHARP too! It is a joy to behold all the detail that one usually misses whilst being an audience member.
    Thank you

  2. Anéa says:

    Sitting here in Norway and gorging in these fantastic Phantom production photos. They really are fantastic.; such interesting moments and mood captured, and I love how colourful and detailed they are. Thank you for sharing them with us far away.

  3. Allison Foat says:

    stunning images once again Pat! you are the musical photog master!

  4. Malcolm Douglas Porter says:

    Superb! Just wish I could see this production!

  5. Sharon says:

    Absolutely awesome. My goodness, I was stunned with the photos. Still stunned and cant think of any suitable adjectives to express my admiration. Thank you for sharing them with us.xx

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